Start Here – Three Ways to Support Public Schools

Public Schools Unite Us. There are groups out there that love to divide us, but we’re not letting that happen. Public schools are where we come together and learn to appreciate and respect our differences. Public schools are where children learn to be responsible citizens and informed voters, and where children of every background, every language, every nationality, every religion, every ability and all incomes are welcome. Now more than ever in these divisive times, we need public schools to bring us together.

1. Donate and join as a member of ICPE! With more members, our organization is stronger. When we come together, our collective influence is more powerful at the Statehouse.

2. Visit our Legislative Action Center to see what bills we are following and learn more about specific steps you can take to protect our students and our state’s future.

3. Follow the Indiana Coalition for Public Education on Facebook and Twitter for the most up to date news and calls to action. Like, comment and share/retweet to help spread the word. 

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