Legislative Priorities 

 Click HERE to see ICPE’s legislative priorities for 2020.

Legislative Report Card 

 The ICPE Report Card was created by the Indiana Coalition of Public Education (ICPE), a bi- partisan non-profit organization that supports public schools. The report card is done in election years. Since ICPE primarily focuses on issues relating to privatizing public schools, the organization bases its report card on bills from recent legislative sessions that diverted taxpayers’ money away from public schools, damaged public control of education, or either supported or harmed public education.

ICPE urges voters who value public education to use the information in this legislative report card as they decide how to vote. Click HERE to see the most recent version. 

Contact Legislators

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Network for Public Education

NPE Toolkit: School Privatization Explained

Asleep at the Wheel: How the Federal Charter Schools Program Recklessly Takes Taxpayers and Students for a Ride

Grading the States

Statehouse Notes (coming soon)

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Washington Post series about what’s happening in Indiana schools

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