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It only takes a couple minutes to send messages to lawmakers. If you don’t know who your state legislators are, click “find your legislator.” In some of our calls to action, we suggest that you include an email to the Governor, the House Speaker, Senate President Pro Tempore or an entire committee to let them know your thoughts. If you click the committee buttons below, you will be able to easily email an entire committe all at once. That may not work with all email clients, so you can instead copy/paste the lists below the buttons.

Copy and paste the addresses into the “To” field of your email.,,,,,,,,,,,,

Copy and paste the addresses into the “To” field of your email.,,,,,,,,,,,,

The committee members are:

Sen. John Crane, Sen. Stacey Donato, Sen. J.D. Ford, Sen. Jon Ford, Sen. Andrea Hunley, Sen. Tyler Johnson, Sen. Linda Rogers, Sen. Greg Walker, Sen. Michael Young

Copy and paste the addresses into the “To” field of your email.;;;;;;;;

What should I write?

Check our blog or social media for current calls to action. We try to help you by providing the key points, bill numbers and who to contact. Here is a basic template you can use for writing an email to an elected official: 


RE: (state the issue or include the bill number, author and subject if you are writing to support or oppose a particular legislative bill)

Dear (Senator/Representative) (Last name) or Members of (name of committee):

My name is (your first and last name) and I am a (say something about yourself – mother, a taxpayer, a teacher, etc), I reside in district ___ (it’s ok if you don’t reside in their district).

I am writing because I _______(state why you are writing and why you support/oppose the specific bill or issue. Pick a few key points/bullets that support your position.)

(Include a personal detail. Tell your legislator how the issue affects you and your community.)

(End by telling your legislator how you want her or him to vote on this issue and ask for a response).



Street Address
City, State, Zip code
Other contact info

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