About Us


The vision of the bipartisan Indiana Coalition for Public Education is to advocate for high quality, equitable, well-funded public schools for all children that are subject to democratic oversight by their communities.


Our mission is to be a strong, convening voice for public education advocacy in Indiana.


  • Our children deserve a single, well-funded system of public schools.
  • Our community benefits from excellent public schools.
  • Schools thrive by developing mutual respect and cooperation among parents, students and school personnel.
  • All children should have access to a full, vibrant curriculum.
  • Teaching, learning, and growth cannot be quantified by standardized tests alone.
  • Assessments should be designed and used to support children, teachers, and schools.
  • Teachers and administrators are professionals and deserve our support.
  • Local control of education is essential so that schools are accountable to the communities they serve.
  • Public tax dollars should be focused on the K-12 education of public school students.
  • Privatization of public schools divides our nation by creating and increasing racial, income and sectarian schisms.
  • Public schools are essential for education citizens to maintain our democracy and must not be privatized.


ICPE Board Members

Dountonia Batts
Shelley Clark
Dr. Ed Eiler
Cathy Fuentes-Rohwer
Dr. Tony Lux
Dr. Pat Payne
Dr. Suellen Reed
Glenda Ritz
MaryAnn Schlegel Ruegger
Tim Skinner
Marilyn Shank
Dr. Victor Smith
Marvin Ward

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